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The County Veterans Coalition (CVC) is a coalition of county veteran program administrators ad veteran advocates in Washington State who are collectively assessing and addressing the evolving needs of indigent veterans. CVC does not provide direct services to veterans, instead CVC works with counties to enhance their ability to provide services to veterans and their families.

The 2005 passage of Senate and House Bill 1189 -- providing relief for indigent veterans and their families -- puts many veteran "best practice" programs on solid footing and enables the rest to move in a direction where county resources permit. More importantly, each county is now able to design and implement programs or services tailored to meet the emerging needs of veterans.

CVC continues working with counties to enhance service delivery to indigent veterans. This web site serves as a tool to assist CVC participants in accomplishing this goal.

Content is solely the responsibility of contributing CVC participants. Links to external sites do not constitute endorsements by CVC. By visiting this web page you expressly agree to be bound by terms and conditions of Govlink: a site hosted by King County.